Welcome to my bare-bones landing page for Internet presence.

I am working in Ericsson Network Security, in a competence center that is one of the largest security organizations in my field in the region. Warmly recommend, the people are awesome. :)

I have a PhD from University of Helsinki Department of Computer Science on reputation and trust management. I've worked both in the CINCO research group and SecSys, and taught some courses. I still dabble in educational activities, such as very limited thesis supervision activity. My current interests involve quite practical security of critical communication infrastructure.

I exist on LinkedIn and Facebook but do not log on regularly to either now that I do not have to sell myself or anything else constantly. Privacy may have taken some damage by now, but yay for freedom! ;)

I may be found on IRCnet at #kryptojuorut, though I have found I prefer longer email conversations to chatter for concentration purposes.

If you need to reach me, you can figure out my email address from firstname.lastname@ericsson.com or iki.fi for personal things. Or look at my cached old CS department page for other contact info or publications.

Be safe!